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August 2015 Pulmonary Case of the Month: Holy Sheep

Jennifer M. Hall, DO

David M. Baratz, MD

Banner University Medical Center Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ


History of Present Illness

A 42-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with chest pain and dyspnea. The onset of symptoms was acute, initially endorsing left-sided sharp chest pain which then progressed with dyspnea. Chest radiograph was read as normal. Laboratory evaluation was notable for an elevated D-Dimer which prompted a thoracic CT scan to be obtained.

Past Medical History, Family History, Social History

  • She had well-controlled rheumatoid arthritis (on no medical therapy) and was diagnosed with emphysema by her PCP two years earlier.
  • Her mother died from pulmonary embolism secondary to underlying lung cancer.
  • She quit smoking 2 years ago with a total of 20-pack-years.

Physical Examination

Patient was in mild distress with heart rate of 105, respiratory rate of 22, but otherwise stable, SpO2 was 95% while breathing ambient air. She had diminished breath sounds in both bases, but otherwise her chest was clear to auscultation. The remainder of the exam was unremarkable.


A chest x-ray (Figure 1) and a thoracic CT scan (Figure 2) were performed.

Figure 1. Initial PA of the chest.

Figure 2. Thoracic CT scan in lung windows. Panels A-F: representative static images. Lower panel: video.

A chest tube was placed for the left-sided pneumothorax.

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Reference as: Hall JM, Baratz DM. August 2015 pulmonary case of the month: holy sheep. Southwest J Pulm Crit Care. 2015;11(2):53-8. doi: PDF

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