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In Memoriam
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Editorial Board


Editoral Board Member                          Area                                   City, State 

  • Sam Aguayo               Pulmonary                            Phoneix, AZ
  • Richard Gerkin            Cardiology/Statistics              Phoenix, AZ
  • Mark Gotfried              Pulmonary                            Phoenix, AZ
  • Richard Helmers          Pulmonary/Critical Care         Eau Claire, Wis
  • Tony Hodges               Pulmonary                            Phoenix, AZ
  • Dai-Wei Liao                Pulmonary                           Phoenix, AZ
  • John Newell                 Chest Radiology                   Denver, CO
  • Lillibeth Pineda            Pulmonary/Sleep                   Phoenix, AZ
  • Patricia Rocha             Pulmonary/Ethics                  Phoenix, AZ
  • Henry Tazelaar            Pulmonary Pathology            Scottsdale, AZ