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November 2017 Pulmonary Case of the Month

Lewis J. Wesselius, MD

Department of Pulmonary Medicine

Mayo Clinic Arizona

Scottsdale, AZ USA


History of Present Illness

A 67-year-old man developed a right neck mass and underwent a right radical neck dissection. It was initially thought to be a high-grade sarcomatoid cancer, but after review was determined to be metastatic melanoma.

Past Medical History, Social History and Family History

He had no significant past medical or family history. He was a nonsmoker.

Physical Examination

His initial physical examination showed a right neck mass but was otherwise unremarkable. No abnormal skin lesions were identified.


A positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) scan showed increase uptake in the neck (Figure 1A) but his chest showed no increased uptake (Figure 1B).

Figure 1. Panel A: PET/CT scan showing increased tracer uptake in the right neck (arrow). Panel B: No abnormal tracer uptake is seen within the chest.

Which of the following is/are true? (Click on the correct answer to proceed to the second of four pages)

  1. Bronchoscopy should be performed to search for bronchial melanoma
  2. Radiation and oncology consultation should be obtained
  3. The pathologic diagnosis is likely wrong since no primary melanoma can be identified
  4. 1 and 3
  5. All of the above

 Cite as: Wesselius LJ. November 2017 pulmonary case of the month. Southwest J Pulm Crit Care. 2017;15(5):181-7. doi: PDF 

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