November 2011 Arizona Thoracic Society Notes
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 3:27PM
Rick Robbins, M.D.

The November Arizona Thoracic Society meeting was held on 11/8/2011 at Scottsdale Shea beginning at 6:30 PM. There were 22 in attendance representing the pulmonary and radiology communities.

Three cases were presented:

1. Henry Luedy, a pulmonary fellow from Good Samaritan/VA, presented a case of Lemiere’s disease. Lemierre's disease is a form of thrombophlebitis usually caused by Fusobacterium and usually affects young, healthy adults. Lemierre's disease develops most often after a sore throat caused by some bacterium of the Streptococcus genus has created a peritonsillar abscess. Deep in the abscess, anaerobic bacteria which are part of the normal oral flora such as Fusobacterium can flourish. These anaerobic bacteria penetrate from the abscess into the neighboring jugular vein in the neck and there they cause sepsis or septic emboli.

2. Alexis Christie, a pulmonary fellow at the Mayo Clinic, presented an unusual case of pulmonary embolism. Discussion centered on unusual presentations of pulmonary embolism.

3. Rick Robbins presented a case of lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia developing in a man with long standing systemic lupus erythematosis.

At the end of the case presentations, George Parides was elected the new Arizona Thoracic Society president. He thanked the outgoing president, Rick Helmers, for his service. Rick will be leaving for Chicago at the end of November.

A discussion of the goals and objectives of the Arizona thoracic society ensued. Jud Tillinghast raised the possibility of an educational meeting involving physicians with interest in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine throughout the Southwest. Many thought such a meeting might be valuable. Dr. Robbins will contact members of the pulmonary community and determine if there is any interest.

There being no being further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at Scottsdale Shea. Meetings are scheduled for 10 months of 2012 as follows:

Wednesday, January 11

Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday, March 20

Tuesday, April 17

Tuesday, May 15

Tuesday, June 19

No meeting in July

Tuesday, August 21

Tuesday, September 18

Tuesday, October 16

Tuesday, November 20

No meeting in December.


Richard A. Robbins, M.D.

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